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Amazing Health Benefits of Skateboarding

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There is no wonder why many teenagers of the past and of today like to spend their leisure time skating with friends. In fact, some introverts play alone too! Skateboarding provides them a fun and exciting time at the same time liberation from the stresses they experience in the house, school, and personal lives. And because of the fast-paced technology of today, companies have created many modifications and innovations of the traditional skateboard that we knew in the past. Electric skateboard Las Vegas, for instance, is now available in the market. The new technology allows for the more convenient use of the equipment, providing more fun time for the kids.  

But wait, does skateboarding only give you some “fun time”? We interviewed several skateboard users and some experts, and we have found out that aside from having fun, users are experiencing several benefits to their physical health and social relationships because of skateboarding. The following is the elaboration of this discovery. 


  1. Skateboarding burns a lot of calories

Skateboarding is a full-body workout where physical exertion of force and movements are needed to be demonstrated. This allows the user to sweat, become flexible, and do some muscle work. A full-body workout is proven to burn a lot of calories, making your body fit and healthy. The number of calories burnt depends on the intensity and the duration of the skating activity, but the average skater can burn about 200-500 calories/hour.  


Skating can be a fun way of burning your calories out.  


      2.Skateboarding is good for the heart 

Skating is a good physical exercise that also benefits your heart, veins, and muscles, helping the skater to reduce some risks related to health. As skating burns calories, the activity itself burns cholesterol, which causes coronary heart disease in an excessive amount. Because of this, skating is also believed to prevent other diseases like obesity, high blood pressure, and diabetes.  


  1. Skating enhances your balance, pain tolerance, precision, and endurance

Skating can be difficult for amateurs. The activity requires practice, balance and patience to master. When the person starts skating, it needs to be enhanced through regular practice thus training his physical endurance. When he does some stunts, he needs to practice again to learn and perfect the stunts, this developing more his mental endurance, pain tolerance, and patience.  


All skateboarders need to learn a good balance to do the activity; this is the basic requirement of skating. This allows their body to develop precision and feet and eye coordination.  


  1. Skating reduces stress

A lot of health experts recommend a physical activity that also brings joy and fun to the executor. Aside from the physical workout that skaters demonstrate, the activity also provides them endorphins and other happy hormones that help them reduce stress. Likewise, the activity needs balance and concentration, refocusing their mind from the stressors to the proper execution of the activity. 


So, what are you waiting for? If you want to experience all the benefits that skating gives you, call now your friends and enjoy having a fun time doing a physical workout that benefits both your body and mind. 

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